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Are you running XP or Vista? And soon to be discontinued, Windows 7?

Consider moving to Linux.

The pros and Cons.


Linux is up to date.

It runs far faster on older machines running Windows and thus makes an older system more like a new one. Many of our customers refuse to go back to windows after running Linux.

It comes with an office suite and other programs so you are up and running right away.

There are many free programs that can help you do about anything you can do with Windows. In many cases, the free programs are comparable to programs that are expensive for Windows users. A good example is “The Gimp” which is comparable to Adobe Photoshop and is totally FREE.

There are many flavors of Linux. We recommend the most popular Ubuntu or Mint versions.

Browsing the internet is easy and often safer as Linux is pretty well protected. You really have to try to get infected.

Your system runs much faster. Linux executes programs much faster than Widows. Browsing is much faster.

You don’t have to reboot nearly as often. Our Ubuntu system runs for months without the need to reboot.


About the only con is the fact that you can’t run some windows programs. There are exceptions.

Wine can be installed that allows you to run some windows programs but you have to check their site to see what versions work. By the way, Wine is free as most programs for Linux are.

CTS is here to help you.

We can install Linux and pre-configure it to meet your needs. We can install printer support and other hardware based programs to make the transition easier and comfortable. We can pre-install any of the programs you may need.
We have used and tested Linux and can install the best programs because we have tested many of them and have found the best of the best.

Most important, we support Linux users.

Linux updates and is not about to cut you off unlike XP ad Vista and soon to be Windows 7.

Updates not only include system updates, but also provide Software updates for programs you use. This means you don’t have to run each program and check for updates.

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